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celticminer.com has undergone official registration and works at the market on the legal basis only.


65 Severn Road, Weston-Super-Mare, England, BS23 1DR


№ 13145814

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celticminer.com is British investment company specializing in oil, gas and Crytocurrency trading that involves purchasing securities of companies engaged in oil gas and Crypto currency mining. Oil and gas production has been always very perspective kind of business from the financial point. celticminer.com is a platform providing with computing power-sharing services to users around the world. It saves users from the complicated process of purchasing, installing, and hosting mining machines. You can enjoy the service with just one click.
Our service makes mining accessible to everyone. We believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and we love to be part of this growing community. Our dual mining system is suitable for those who are new to the world of cryptocurrencies and looking for an easy way to invest money.
With celticminer.com Bitcoin Cloud Mining is absolutely in your hands. Simple and fast generating of own Bitcoins thanks to the newest technology and a professional system specially designed for mining Bitcoins. For a direct start you will receive free Mining Power as a gift immediately after registration! Our engineers always pick the best mining equipment of first-class manufacturing and collaborate with the world's leading mining pools, such as BTC.com and Antpool.

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We will provide you a stable
profit which depends on the terms and amount of investments.


The personal area is simple and clear and all the buttons are placed on the main page.


Referring people to celticminer.com takes little effort and can pay off with big rewards.


You can independently trace the plan of investments on our website.


Funds are transferred within 48 hours.


We are always ready to help. Employee of a technical support is available around the clock.


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  • chhail $50.43
  • chhail $399.80
  • chhail $42.02
  • chhail $240.77
  • chhail $92.40
  • Kamal $721724.37
  • chhail $200.64
  • chhail $77.00
  • chhail $230.85
  • chhail $240.00
  • ... ...
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  • ... ...
  • Sikdar $14320.00
  • eleutherioueua $44300.00
  • chhail $288.00
  • Gabriel124 $22804.08
  • Carolinaosta $42100.00
  • Schmid $36430.00
  • Thakur $100.00
  • Thakur $18.00
  • tahasrkhwshyant $40090.00
  • Hamza $43200.00
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  • $ 98124503965.44+ Total Payments
  • $ 5635296977.57+ Total
  • 521180+ Number of
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The ordinary referrals, which become a part of our team get a profit of 3% of each new deposit.

Your basic investments will grow every minute and bring you additional income as the oil market is hyperactive today. Becoming our partner, you take a step on the way of economic development.

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